Móðir Jörð receives food award

October 2015

Móðir Jörð receieved Iceland’s most important food award, Fjöreggið 2015 (e: Spark of Life) given by Food & Nutrition society of Iceland and Federation of Icelandic industries.  The award has been given annually for over 20 years to one winner of 5 nominies, a glass sculpture made by an Icelandic artist.

The commitee’s verdict says the following:  “Móðir Jörð is nominated for producing an exciting range of Icelandic and organic products based on plants and vegetables which are grown in a sustainable way.  The company’s main focus is to develop products using local ingredients and Móðir Jörð has actively introduced many new products in the past years”.   Móðir Jörð is owned and run by the married couple Eymundur Magnússon and Eygló Björk Ólafsdóttir (middle) who received the award on their behalf.

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