w/dill & caraway

This product is quite “Nordic” as we use  kohlrabi and nordic flavors such as dill and caraway.  Kohlrabi is light in color, fresh and very rich of juice which is excellent for the natural fermentation we use.  A flavorful, natural probiotic with fish or topping on toasts or melted cheese. This product has not been sterilized or pasteurized and should be stored in a refrigerator at 0-4°C.

Ingredients: Kohlrabi, sea salt, dill, fennel seeds, caraway.

Net weight:  360g

Nutritional values pr 100g: energy: 132kJ/32 kkal ; fat: 0,3 g – thereof saturated: 0 g ; carbohydrates: 5 g – of which sugars: 3 g ; fibre: 4 g ; protein: 1 g ; Salt: 2 g


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