Internship at the Vallanes organic farm

In Vallanes everything evolves around food.  Providing good food in a sustainable manner is the main objective of the farm and the pleasant outcome of the everyday organic farming that we enjoy very much.

In Vallanes there are numerous learning opportunites and internship is something that we highly value as we work with universities in Europe and Iceland in building deep knowledge with our  interns.  In organic horticulture interns can expect to learn how to manage a vast variety of crops and follow the process from seed to the plate, how to handle and finish the product into the hands of the customer.  Vallanes, which is known for it’s organic cereal, is a laboratory for barley farming and other grain such as wheat (rye, spelt on an experimental stage) and rapeseed.

We have opportunities for interns in food processing or nutrionology as we produce a growing line of products from the farm such as chutneys, jams, lacotfermented vegetables and cereal products which are mainly sold in Iceland but also for exports. Product development is an ongoing factor in our work, but careful testing, search of raw material and complying with organic certification standards all need to come together in order for a new, great tasting Móðir Jörð product to be born.

Vallanes is an increasingly popular destination for tourists as we run a small B&B and offer food related services for our guests and  groups.  In 2016 we have plans to build a cottage for our shop which will entirely be built with our own wood.  This project will allow us to promote organic food and sustainable lifestyle as we present our farm and our work to our guests.  This  year we can therefor also offer opportunties for interns with interest in cooking and service.

For more information on our internship possibilities please contact us through our website or write to

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